American Made


American Manufacturing is on the rise!

Since the election President Trump has been has worked hard to brining America back to its Manufacturing roots. The United States has added 26,000 factory jobs in February and 11,000 in March. Compare this to the previous 8 years where most of the job gains came in the service sector — tech, retail, business, health, etc., not in manufacturing.

Although the concept of Buy American, and Hire American is taking root it is important to note that manufacturing is currently at 1940’s levels. During the height of manufacturing in the 1970’s over 19.5 million Americans earned their paycheck from factory work. We have seen a steady decline every since and today only 12.4 million workers remain in the industry.

The Trump administration intends to help the manufacturing industry once again be the backbone and centerpiece of the American economy. We are seeing strong movement towards more favorable international trade agreements, reduction in regulatory compliance and better tax alternatives.

Manufactures across the United States are doing their part by investing in new and emerging technologies that will help drive efficiency so that we as a country can better compete in the world market.

As an engineering or maintenance technician it’s our responsibility to work hard to increase our capabilities and adapt to the new manufacturing landscape that requires new skills and knowledge. It is up to you and me, the individual industrial worker to help make the Buy American, Hire American model great again.

In conclusion, I leave you with a great quote from St. Jerome….

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest, Til your good is better and your better is best.”

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