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Ammonia Refrigeration Technician salary wage information

Ammonia Refrigeration Wage Information 



Wages for Ammonia Refrigeration Operator & Technicians are broken up into 4 categories:

-    Ammonia Refrigeration Operator: Able to start and stop the refrigeration system, collect pressure & temperature information (daily rounds), perform basic level system maintenance.

-    Ammonia Refrigeration Mechanic: Able to perform all “Operator” tasks mentioned above and provide electrical, mechanical and controls system troubleshooting and repair.

-    Certified Ammonia Refrigeration Mechanic:  Able to perform all “Operator” & “Mechanic” tasks mentioned above and specializes in reducing facility energy consumption and system failures through the use of advanced techniques that include; energy efficiency analysis, heat load calculations, predictive and preventive maintenance procedures and rout cause analysis.

-    Ammonia Refrigeration Field Service Technician: Able to perform very complex system diagnosis and repairs including; compressor rebuilds & change-outs, vibration analysis, mechanical seal replacements, PLC & controls changes & upgrades.


Ammonia Refrigeration Wages - 2019


1 to 2 Years

3 to 5 Years

6 to 9 Years

10+ Years



$25 - $28/hr

$26 - $30/hr

$27 - $32/hr



$27 - $30/hr

$29 - $33/hr

$31 – $36/hr

Certified Mechanic


$29 - $35/hr

$34 - $39/hr

$36/hr - $44/hr

Field Service Tech


$33 – $38/hr

$40 - $48/hr

$46/hr - $50/hr

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