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Our Focus

we work with advanced manufacturing facilities

Refrigeration & Utilities

- Maintenance & Repair
- Field Technicians
- PSM/RMP Compliance
- System Design
- Business Development
- Engineering

Industrial Maintenance

- High Speed Packaging
- Conveying Systems
- Robotics/Automation
- Machine Repair
- Diesel Mechanics
- Forklift & ASRS

Electrical & Controls

- Electricians
- Automation/Controls
- Controls Engineering
- Electrical Installation
- Electrical Design
- Instrumentation


- Plant Management
- Maintenance Manager
- Regional & Corporate
- Reliability & Planning
- Engineering
- Quality Assurance

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Guarantee Hire

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Direct Marketing

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100% Free to post

Guarantee Hire

With Guarantee Hire, your job posting is 100% Free.  Pay nothing until your first successful hire! 

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– 30 day Featured Job Advertisement

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Ultra Source

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– 50 industry expert candidates, sourced by us

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– Industry experts delivered directly to your inbox

   $1,699 per month

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Active Search

Candidates are phone screened to match your must haves!

– Develop rock solid hiring strategy 

– Source up to 100 industry expert candidates

– 60 day Ultra Source digital marketing campaign

– 60 day Featured Job Advertisement campaign

– Phone screen to ensure candidate-job alignment

– Deliver fully vetted, interview ready candidates 

   $1,499 per month, 2-month commitment