Active Search Package ($1499/month, 2-month commitment)

  • Advanced strategic hiring call
  • 60 day Featured Job Advertisement
  • 60 day Ultra Source Marketing Campaign
  • Uncover hiring barriers, provide tailored solutions
  • Hand-select up to 100 premium candidates
  • Phone verify each candidate matches must haves
  • Deliver 5 to 8 pre-screened, vetted candidates
  • No additional fees upon hiring!
  • Our team collaborates with you to pinpoint hiring challenges and offer proven solutions. Utilizing our exclusive database, we select candidates meeting your criteria, engage them through phone, text, and email, and only deliver the best 5 to 8 candidates who are highly qualified and want to interview for your position.


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The 60-day Active Search Package is our most comprehensive recruitment solution, designed for employers seeking an in-depth approach to hiring. This package features a 60-day featured job posting, regular promotion through our weekly email blast, and a 30-minute advanced strategic hiring call. Our team works closely with yours to develop a hiring strategy tailored to your needs, focusing on attracting high-quality passive candidates. These are individuals currently employed and satisfied in their roles, often yielding the most desirable hires. We pre-screen each candidate to ensure they meet your specific requirements and are a good fit for your organization. Ultimately, we provide you with 5-8 of the best candidates for direct interview scheduling by your team. This service eliminates the need for external recruitment agencies, offering significant savings and efficiency in your hiring process, with no additional fees upon successful hiring.