Ultra Search

  • 30-day featured jobs advertisement
  • Digital marketing strategy call
  • Define the ideal candidate profile
  • Hand-select up to 50 qualified candidates
  • Deploy custom text & email campaign
  • Precision-targeted advertisement
  • This campaign is your secret weapon to spotlight and attract those elusive candidates with rare and specialized skills, far beyond the reach of standard advertising methods.


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Our 30-day Ultra Search package, priced at $1499, is the ultimate hiring solution offering an array of premium services. This package includes a featured job posting, extensive promotion through our weekly email blast, and a 15-minute marketing strategy call to pinpoint your ideal candidate profile. We take a proactive approach by sourcing up to 50 candidates, creating, and deploying a custom text and email marketing campaign specifically designed for your vacancy. This precision-targeted advertising ensures your job reaches the most suitable candidates, making it perfect for niche or high-level positions.