Guarantee Hire

No risk whatsoever!

  • 30 day Featured Job Advertisement
  • Custom Text & Email  Campaign
  • Reasonable 10% fee upon a successful hire
  • 90 day Guarantee
  • With Guarantee Hire, your job posting is 100% Free.  Pay nothing until your first successful hire!


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Introducing Guarantee Hire – a groundbreaking way to recruit without any upfront cost! With our 100% Free to Post offer, you can advertise your job openings without spending a dime until you successfully hire. This risk-free approach ensures you only pay when you find the perfect match.

Key Benefits Include:

  • 30-Day Featured Job Advertisement: Your job post will not just be visible; it will be a standout feature in the sea of opportunities, attracting more attention and high-quality applications.
  • Custom Text & Email Campaign: Engage directly with both active seekers and passive candidates through personalized communication strategies designed to resonate and captivate the right talent.
  • Wide Reach: Expand your reach beyond active job seekers. Our unique platform also taps into a pool of passive candidates, ensuring your opportunity is seen by the broadest possible audience.
  • 90-Day Guarantee: We’re so confident in our ability to connect you with the right candidates that we offer a 90-day guarantee. If your hire doesn’t work out within the first three months, our services remain active until the right match is made.

Guarantee Hire takes the guesswork and initial financial investment out of recruiting. Experience a more efficient hiring process where you only pay upon the satisfaction of a successful hire. Start with us today and transform your recruitment strategy with no risk and maximum reward!